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About Us

PB Physiology & Rehab is a passion-driven business that was created by two best mates with a love of exercise and building relationships.  We strive to help people improve their quality of life through exercise & lifestyle change. Our passion for exercise, sport and general physical activity  is one of the main attributes that defines us and we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to help others to unlock their personal best and grow as individuals, while doing something we love.


At PB Physiology, we are committed to promoting health and well-being through evidence-based practices. Our values include personalised care, scientific excellence, and empowering individuals to achieve optimal physical performance and rehabilitation.

Work ethic

Having a strong work ethic enables us to provide the best service we possibly can.

 Being Genuine

We encourage authenticity and people to be themselves as this creates the best environment for success.


We want to show people that exercise should be fun and enjoyable as well being beneficial and fundamental to your health.


We understand that exercise can be daunting and hard to begin, being kind and compassionate enables people to feel safe and supported in their fitness journey.

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